Handcrafted wooden ring with carnelian stones
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Handcrafted Stone Inlay Ring - Wooden Ring with Carnelian stones

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Handcrafted Stone Inlay Ring

- Brush box wood ring

- Carnelian stone inlay.


Inspired by the devastating bushfires that happen all over Australia, this bentwood ring is inlaid with carnelian stones and the wood has a charred edge. 

Handcrafted Wooden Ring with Carnelian stones

This ring comes in a 6mm band. Please email us if you would like to alter this size.

Please note each piece is custom made and can take up to 7 days to be sent.

As every piece I make is completely unique, the colour, wood grain and pattern may differ very slightly to the ring photographed. Due to the method of making these rings there may also be a slight seam where the wood and certain materials, such as wire inlays, meet. This is generally the bottom of the ring, which will be oriented underneath your finger so its not visible.

All of our rings are handcrafted by one Aussie bloke using mostly native hardwoods and a mix of locally discovered inlay materials. Each ring is created using the bentwood method, finished with multiple layers of a waterproof coating and delicately hand sanded and polished resulting in a beautiful and durable wooden band. The warmth and natural look of bentwood rings provide a unique and sustainable alternative to their metal counterparts.



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