About Us


We're Chad, Rachael and Ruben, a little family from the Sunny Coast, Australia!

I (Chad) worked as a tree surgeon in the UK and although I have always had a love for trees, there was something I found extremely intriguing about bentwood rings. I came across a youtube video and thought to myself 'I can do that!'

After a couple of years making rings by hand for friends and family, I slowly honed my skills producing better results with each new ring. It wasn't until I moved back to Australia that I decided I wanted to turn this into a business. I began sourcing beautiful local hardwood veneers and searching for different inlay materials such as coral, seashells and stones. To make the best out of my wooden rings I add a metal liner to increase the strength, beauty and longevity of each ring. Each metal and alloy adds another layer of design to my rings and the options are endless. 

I not only want to make beautiful, one of a kind pieces, but I hope to bring my travels and experiences to life and find materials along the way that represent where your beautiful ring was made and where the materials came from.

Every ring will have a story and I hope you love your piece as much as i enjoyed making it.