Ring Care

Each Bentwood ring I craft is made with the upmost care. Every piece is a unique piece of art and should be treated as such. The Bentwood ring itself is very durable due to the methods used in making them and can last for a very long time. The finish applied creates a waterproof barrier that protects the wood to preserve it longer, however, due to the fact the ring is made of wood it can't take as much of a beating as a metal ring, obviously because metal is tougher than wood. 


The finish applied does make the ring waterproof but it's best not to keep it submerged for prolonged periods of time and to take it off when washing your hands with soap. To keep your ring in optimal condition for as long as possible, it's recommended not to wear it during harsh physical activities that may scratch or chip the finish or when using chemicals or solvents. If your ring has lost some of its original lustre, you can always apply a dab of wood polish or wax yourself and buff it out with a soft cloth. If by some chance your ring does become chipped and the wood is exposed, it will not be waterproof anymore. Bare wood exposed to water can adversely effect the strength of your wooden ring and it will need to be refinished to make it waterproof again.


We highly recommend purchasing a metal liner to go with your wooden ring for longevity, especially if it will be a wedding/engagement band.

If you have purchased a ring through us there will be free refinishing, repair of small scratches and chips within the first year of purchase, you will just need to pay for postage. Any subsequent finishing after the first year will cost $30 plus postage.